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SAF-T-HATCH Safety Rail for Roof Openings

Roof Hatch Safety Rail

Patented railing system with a clamping frame around curb base of roof or fire hatch with top rails, mid rails and chain or swinging gate. Meets OSHA required compliance for safe egress and ingress through rooftop hatch openings while hatch is in use. Complies with OSHA CFF 29-1210.232 and CFR 29 of 1910.27.


Pipe Rail: 1 5/8" OD A53 Grade B seamed steel.
Tubing Base: Factory galvanized 2" x 2" 16 gauge seamed steel.
Tubing Base Pad: Styrofoam 3/4" thick isolated pad.
Finish: Pre-Galvanized Zinc coated Galvanized pipe (ASTM. A653).
Hardware: Zinc plated threaded rods, caps, nuts, bolts and washers. Chain: Zinc plated 3/16" ASTM proof coil with hoop and rings as required
Railing Clamps: JL Industries manufactured models AlS 2-7, 6-7, 18-7, 20-7 and 28-7 or as required
Pipe Caps: Zinc plated post caps with 1 1/4" UV resistant vinyl side rail caps.
Installation: Quickly installs by a clamping frame around curb base of roof hatch or fire hatch. Does not require ?approved? installer. Fits all brands of existing roof hatches with cap flashing - field adjustable to fit flashing size.

SAF-T-HATCH with optional STHG rigid gate
Optional Features at Additional Cost:
- STHG Steel Gate Option
- STHG24 for Models RHI,2,3 (17 lbs) or STHG-36 for Models RH4 & 5. (20 lbs)

Model Opening Size Weight Fits Roof Hatch Model
STH-1 30? x 36? 66 lbs RHA/RHG/RHR-1
STH-2 54? x 30" 70 lbs RHA/RHG-2
STH-3 96? x 30" 80 lbs RHA/RHG-3
STH-4 36? x 36? 68 lbs RHA/RHG-4
STH-5 48? x 48? 75 lbs RHA/RHG-5
Custom Sizes Available Upon Request

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