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Miller Saf-T-Climb Products

Miller (formerly North) Saf-T-Climb Products

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Saf-T-Climb meets OSHA regulations 1910.27 and 1926.1053

OSHA requires that all fixed ladders more than 20' long have ladder safety devices or other means of fall protection on them. With Saf-T-Climb you can satisfy these requirements by simply installing the Saf-T-Climb system on the ladder. Saf-T-Climb can be used on ladders of any length in one continuous climb.

A Saf-T-Climb system means instant OSHA compliance with a minimum of expense and labor.

OSHA also requires that ladders more than 30' long with existing cages be modified with offsetting platforms and ladders so that there are no continuous stretches of ladder over 30'. When the ladder already has a cage, you can still comply with OSHA regulations by installing the Saf-T-Climb system within the existing cage without the expense of adding off setting platforms. Saf-T-Climb systems meet all OSHA standards for ladder climbing safety. And these systems not only provide more positive fall prevention, but you can install one for much less than the cost of modifying your cage.

Saf-T-Climb makes rescue easy

When each climber uses Saf-T-Climb, many workers can climb on the same ladder at the same time with complete individual safety. It is recommended that at least one additional sleeve and belt and/or harness be available at each installation so that in an emergency the rescuer, too, will have the full protection of the Saf-T-Climb System.

See Saf-T-Climb in action: Call for more information about our film. The 9 minute presentation about the Saf-T-Climb system is available in either 16mm film or video cassette (3/4" VHS, 1/2" VHS or 1/2" BETA). Our factory reps are also available to make a presentation to your staff.

Quality experience and service from the leaders in ladder climbing safety

The Saf-T-Climb fall prevention system provides positive climbing safety for workers on any site - above or below ground; straight or curved. On water tanks, chimneys, antennas, communication towers, wind generators, drilling rigs, ships, masts or any other structure Saf-T-Climb rigid rail fall prevention systems give climbers, the protection and security they need to be effective and productive. And, because the Saf-T-Climb system has over 40 years of safe climbing experience and is so easy to use, workers use it! Saf-T-Climb is frequently the specified rigid rail ladder safety device used by industry and government.

The components for Saf-T-Climb systems are: Saf-T-Notch Carrier Rail, Ladder Rung Clamps, Saf-T-Lok Sleeve and a Saf-T-Belt or Saf-T-Harness. Easily installed by your own personnel at less than 1/3 the cost of a cage, the Saf-T-Notch Carrier Rail attaches to any ladder or climbing surface. A Saf-T-Lok Sleeve with locking powl, which slides up and down the rail, attaches to a climbers belt or harness. The Saf-T-Climb system permits safe worker movement. Any slip or fall is stopped by the locking action of the Saf-T-Lok Sleeve.

Saf-T-Notch Carrier Rail is easily retrofitted to existing ladders, or designed into new construction. Installation of a Saf-T-Climb fall prevention system means instant compliance with OSHA climbing safety regulations.

Saf-T-Climb fall prevention systems are an excellent choice for quality, experience and service.

Saf-T-Climb is customized for each application

Because each climbing application is unique, Saf-T-Notch Carrier Rail is offered in a variety of materials to suit your situation. Rail is cut to your specified lengths, curved if necessary, to suit your structure. A wide variety of attaching brackets is also readily available. We have the experience and the capability to ensure that each Saf-T-Climb system meets whatever special needs your job has. Our factory reps are available to help you.

Saf-T-Climb is accepted throughout government and industry

Saf-T-Climb systems have had wide acceptance throughout government and industry for over 40 years. Safety equipment provides protection for the health and well-being of your employees. All components of the system meet Federal Specification #RR-S-001 301 (FAA) for Type 1 prevention, plus Saf-T-Climb has been specified for use by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and the FAA, as well as by many state governments and agencies. Saf-T-Climb systems provide compliance with OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.27 for general industry and meet all ANSI standards for fall prevention systems.