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Ladder Gate Climb Preventive Shield

The Ladder Gate Climb Preventive Shield controls unauthorized access to fixed ladders on tanks, towers, buildings and other elevated structures. It is designed to prevent vandals from gaining access to structures, thus preventing property destruction and graffiti on elevated structures and reducing accompanying liability. The shield is designed for simple bolt-on installation on a wide range of vertical ladders, rung designs, rung spacing or methods of support. It is compatible with all Saf-T-Climb systems and won't interfere with other safety bars, cables, or rails. The 8' door is .125" thick Aluminum with angled sides to prevent reaching around the shield. All braces and hardware are fabricated from galvanized 11-gauge steel. The shield, which can be installed to swing open from either the right or the left, opens out of the way allowing easy use of the ladder. It is secured by your padlock when closed.

This apparatus and its use are licensed under U.S. Patent No. 3968857.
Ladder Gate Climb Preventive Shield is a registered trademark of R.B. Industries.

Features Benefits
Aluminum shield; heavy gauge steel hardware. Maintenance-free, rust-proof, tamper-proof.
Hinged shield gate. Swings completely out of the climber's way when ladder is in use.
Bolt-on brackets. Quick, easy installation; no welding, cutting or alterations required; Opens either left or right.
Latch for padlock use. Ensures key-safe, controlled access by authorized persons only.