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Removable Extension Kit

The Saf-T-Notch Removable Extension is installed on ladders used to descend to lower levels or to ascend upwards through a hatch where permanent installation of an extension is undesirable. The kit extends the Saf-T-Notch Rail above the ground or roof level and allows the climber to attach to the Saf-T-Climb system before descending, or to remain attached to the system after ascending through a hatch. This insures the climber's continued safety when mounting or dismounting the ladder. When not in use, the extension can be removed so a manhole cover, hatch or grate can be replaced over the opening.

Removable Extension Kits come in Galvanized, Stainless Steel or Aluminum and can be ordered in two lengths for ease of use in either downhole climbs or uphole climbs. The Removable Extension rail for a is 4'6" long. The Rail for an uphole climb is 3'6" long.
Extension Kit components:
  1. Standard Saf-T-Notch rail: 4-1/2' length (or 3-1/2' for uphole climbs) with top 2' of guide channel removed to permit Saf-T-Lok Sleeve to turn 360?.
  2. Tie Down Rod with either standard top knob or Quick Release: Assembly with rod threaded at bottom to attach to the Mandril.
  3. Mandril: Permanently installed 6" inside of the top section of the Saf-T-Notch rail. Solid bar machined on both ends, drilled and tapped at the top, to accept the Tie Down Rod. Secured in place with two cap screws.
Use of one extension rail at multiple sites will require the permanent installation of a Mandril on each ladder