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Potter Roemer - Fire-Rated Extinguisher Cabinets

The First Cabinets Classified and Lister by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
  • UL Classified Listing No. 7N43 ANSI/UL 1479
  • Rated for 1 & 2 hour wall systems
  • Heavy gauge, cold-rolled steel construction
  • Corrosion resistant polyester powder-coated finish

Potter Roemer proudly offers the industry's first fire-rated extinguisher and valve cabinets classified and listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Available as an option on the majority of Potter Roemer models, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. has classified and listed our fire-rated option for 1- and 2- hour combustible and non-combustible wall assemblies.

By specifying the fire-rated option, you can eliminate the extra expense of lining wall openings, maintain the integrity of wall penetrations and ensure compliance with stringent building codes.


Fire extinguisher cabinet shall be Model No. FRC _____. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Classified No. 7N43 2-hour Fire-Rated unit as manufactured by Potter Roemer, Santa Ana, CA, 800-366-FIRE. Install the cabinet plumb and level, where indicated on the drawings, at heights acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. Each cabinet shall have a Potter Roemer Model No. ______ fire extinguisher inside.

To Specify

Add the prefix FRC- to any Model No. indicated in the dimensions table column headed "FRC Available".