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JL Industries Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Cavalier Series

The Cavalier Series features either a brass or bronze door and frame. The tub is white powder coated cold rolled steel. The Cavalier's standard bronze finish is a U.S.10 satin clear coated finish, standard brass finish is a U.S. 3 polished coated finish. U.S. 9 bright bronze clear coated or U.S. 10B dark oxidized bronze oil rubbed finish are among the options (see options below.)

All J.L. Cavalier cabinets shown here meet the A.D.A. projection criteria with either the standard pull or the flush pull. The Cavalier Series is also available with any Panorama Series door shown on page 6. For example, to specify, simply call for a "Cavalier 1046P40".

  1. Is the wall fire-rated? If so, select FIRE-FXTM option, unless the cabinet is trimless or surface mounted.
  2. Does the A.D.A. code apply in the areas the cabinets is stationed? If so, select a cabinet with one of the following trim styles: trimless, flat trim, 1 1/2", 2 1/2", or 3" return trim.
  3. Select tub l.D: according to size most suited for fire extinguisher and wall opening. (first two digits of part #)
  4. Select trim material: bronze or brass. (third digit of part #)
  5. Select trim style: trimless, flat trim, 1 1/2", 21/2", or 3" surface mount. (fourth digit of part #)
  6. Select door style: (fifth digit of part #)
  7. Select door glazing: (last two digits of part #)
1. Available Door Styles (Select One)
F Full glass
G Full glass with SAF-T-LOKTM
D Duo panel
E Duo panel with SAF-T-LOKTM
S21 Solid with handle
L22 Solid with lock
B Solid with glass insert and SAF-T-LOKTM
V Contemporary V
W Contemporary V with SAF-T-LOKTM
2. Available Door Glazing (Select One)
10 Clear acrylic
13 Clear wire glass
15 Bronze acrylic
16 Gray acrylic
17 Clear tempered glass
18 Laminated safety glass
3. Options (select any)
  • Brass door and trim, U.S. #4 satin finish
  • Bronze door and trim, U.S. #9 bright polished finish
  • Bronze door and trim, U.S. #10b dark oxidized oil rubbed finish
  • Color powder coated tub (red or black)
  • FE letters in black, red or white
  • FIRE-FXTM fire rated tub option
  • Futura "fire" handle
  • Flush pull handle

Click here to download dimensions sheet.