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Amerex Wheeled - Special Application Extinguishers

33 Gal. Direct Pressure Premix FFFP Foam

Available Options:
• Optional 36" x 6" wheels with non-sparking rubber treads
• Stationary Design
• Pressure Indicator

The Model 630 contains a premixed FFFP (film forming fluoroprotein) alcohol resistant foam which is highly effective on Class B fuel fires and a penetrating and wetting agent on fires involving Class A materials. Excellent when used as a vapor suppressant on fuel spills to prevent ignition. Quality hardware throughout including the unique agent cylinder fabricated entirely of stainless steel - no interior coatings are necessary. Model 630 meets NFPA requirements for hospital helicopter pad protection.

Exclusive Features: Brass fittings, stainless steel collar, brass cap, live swivels.


150 lb. Regulated Pressure SODIUM CHLORIDE, 250 Lb. Regulated Pressure COPPER Powder CLASS D Dry Powder

Extension Wand is Standard
Available Options:
• Pressure Indicator
• Nozzle
Two choices for large volume Class D (flammable metal) protection. Model 680 (Sodium Chloride) is effective on magnesium, sodium, potassium and sodium potassium alloy fires. Model 681 (Copper Powder) designed particularly for fighting difficult lithium fires. Well balanced for quick transport on 36" nonsparking rubber tread steel wheels. Both are pressurized with Argon and regulated to a low 125 psi to avoid disrupting the burning materials.

Exclusive features: Brass fittings, stainless steel collar, brass cap, live swivels.


50 & 100 lb. CARBON DIOXIDE

Large volume CO2 protection provided in either 50 or 100 lb. (2 - 50 lb. cylinders) government specification wheeled extinguishers. Rugged construction and easy to operate with a "quick opening" 'T' handle valve and horn mounted shut-off valve. A logical choice in areas where a Class B:C noncontaminating agent is required and where hand portable extinguishers are not available.