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Claridge Motor Operated Vertical Sliding Units

Specify number of sliding panels after model #: -1 for 1 sliding panel; -2 for 2 sliding panels or -3 for 3 sliding panels
  • Panels slide from the floor to the top of the unit. (With optional kick panel, sliding panels can be concealed when in down position, leaving the entire rear wall surface exposed.)
  • Panels attach to counterweights to eliminate racking
  • Counter-balanced panels operate over ball bearing neoprene rollers to eliminate all binding, side sway and noise.
  • Housing and all trim are heavy-gauge extruded aluminum in satin anodize finish
  • Ideal for heavy use areas, sliding panels are 7/8” thick; two panel housing is 6-1/2” deep; face is 4” wide.
  • Balanced, lightweight panel construction safeguards against warpage. Provides needed rigidity and eliminates to and fro movement when panels are in use.
  • Vertical sliding units are fitted, assembled and erected on a test panel at the factory before shipping. Components are clearly marked for easy reassembly on the job.
  • Approved shop drawings required.
  • Prices are based on porcelain enamel steel markerboard sliding panels and back panel; satin anodize finish aluminum frame and housing
  • For Vitracite, specify and add $1.06 per sq. ft.; for Claridge cork, Designer Fabric, Fabricork, or Hook-Fab, specify and add $7.10 per sq. ft.; for Projection Screen, Flexible Matte White, add $29.00 per sq. ft.; for Tan Nucork, add $1.26 per sq. ft.; and for units with no back panel, DEDUCT $8.06 per sq. ft.
  • For Medium or Dark Bronze Anodize finish in lieu of satin anodize on 1-panel units, add $1050.00; on 2-panel units, add $1456.00; and on 3-panel units add $1882.00.
  • For Powder Coat finish on 1-panel units, add $570.00; on 2-panel units, add $826.00 and on 3-panel units, add $1104.00.
  • When kick panels are required, for Fabricork, add $6.68 per sq. ft. and for lowpressure laminate in oak or walnut grain, add $4.06 per sq. ft.
  • For optional wireless Remote Control for 1- and 2-sliding panel motorized vertical sliding units, specify on order VRC1 for 1-panel control and add $599.00;VRC2 for 2-panel control and add $1030.00.
  • Manually operated Vertical Sliding Units available; call or write for price