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Milcor - Fire Rated Access Panels for Walls and Ceilings

Available Models: Style UFR

Model: UFR
Material: Prime Painted or Stainless Steel: 14-Gauge steel frame with 20-gauge door panel.
Insulation: 2" mineral fiber insulation sandwiched between inner and outdoor panel.
Door: 20 gauge steel prime coat.
Finish: Steel is chemically bonded with a prime coat of baked-on electrostatic powder. Stainless steel has a satin finish.
Masonry Anchors: Attached at factory as standard. Four or eight per door depending on door size.

Milcor Universal Fire Rated Access Doors (UFR) are designed to install easily and work perfectly in any wall or ceiling from drywall to masonry (with masonry anchors factory installed) to suspended acoustical ceilings.

Standard Size and Product Numbers
Door Size* Wall/Ceiling Opening
Product Number
Locks Masonry Anchors Shipping Weight¹
8" x 8"²8-1/2" x 8-1/2"3218-010148
12" x 12"12-1/2" x 12-1/2"3218-0121413
12" x 24"12-1/2" x 24-1/2"3218-0201420
14" x 14"14-1/2" x 14-1/2"3218-0141416
16" x 16"16-1/2" x 16-1/2"3218-0161418
18" x 18"18-1/2" x 18-1/2"3218-0181422
22" x 30"22-1/2" x 30-1/2"3218-0221438
22" x 36"22-1/2" x 36-1/2"3218-0271438
24" x 24"24-1/2" x 24-1/2"3218-0241434
24" x 30"24-1/2" x 30-1/2"3218-0231441
24" x 36"24-1/2" x 36-1/2"3218-0281448
24" x 48"³24-1/2" x 48-1/2"3218-0312654
30" x 30"³30-1/2" x 30-1/2"3218-0301445
32" x 32"³32-1/2" x 32-1/2"3218-0321448
36" x 36"³36-1/2" x 36-1/2"3218-0361451
36" x 48"³36-1/2" x 48-1/2"3218-0382676
48" x 48"³48-1/2" x 48-1/2"3218-0482895

¹ Pack one door per
² 8 x 8 is for wall application only
³ intended for vertical (wall) application only
* Stainless steel fire-rated doors are available in a maximum dimension of 36".

Packaging and Options
Packaging: One panel per carton.
Hinge: Continuous type; steel with stainless steel pin.
Latch: Self-latching, one per door on sizes 8" x 8" through 36" x36"; two per door on larger sizes. Flush mounted paddle latch and locking system with flush, key-operated cylinder lock with two keys. All doors have interior latch release mechanism.
Automatic Closing: Integrated concealed spring system furnished on all doors to be installed in walls. Strong coil spring makes door self-closing and self-latching in ceiling applications.